SAFETYHEX is Australia’s own surface stabilisation solution designed to create safer site conditions and reduce site risks for contractors and visitors alike.

Engineered for structural strength and high visibility, SafetyHex creates easily distinguishable exclusion zones on busy construction sites and vehicle thoroughfares as part of your Safe Work Method Statement

SafetyHex creates a permeable and safe surface for earthmoving machinery, maintenance vehicles and foot traffic and is capable of withstanding up to 1,200 tonnes per square metre when filled.

The hexagonal honeycomb voids in SafetyHex promote drainage and prevent bogging, rutting and aggregate run off and its iconic ‘safety yellow’ colour means that even when filled, site staff can readily
identify exclusion zones.

SafetyHex is 100% Australian made and is manufactured from industrial strength co-polymer polypropylene. Heat resistant and non-reactive to solvents, oils, chemicals and water, SafetyHex is lighter, faster and easier to install than other onsite stabilisation options like concrete or asphalt.

SafetyHex is ideal for creating exclusion zones for:
• Loading and unloading bays or docks
• Vertical hazard identification
• Trench identification of depths greater than 1.5m

It’s also effective in creating clearly defined safe zones for:
• Vehicle washdown bays
• Pedestrian walkways and paths
• High traffic site access points
• Traffic management
• Hazard minimisation


Dimensions (Metric):(H) 42mm x (L) 1000mm x (W) 500mm
Dimensions (Imperial):(H) 1.65” x (L) 39.37” x (W) 19.69”
Load Bearing Capacity:1,200 t/sqm (1706.80 PSI) filled
300 t/sqm (426.70 PSI) unfilled
Weight:2.3kg (5.070lb)
Service temperature:-45°C + 100°C (-49°F + 212°F)
Infill requirements:1m3 per 20m2 of Geohex
Material:Virgin polypropylene (Safety Yellow)
Chemical properties:Unaffected by moulds and algae, soil-bourne chemicals and bacteria