Rural – Driveways


1km Rural Driveway


Jamberoo Road, Jamberoo NSW


The client had extreme problems with rutting and soil subsidence under heavy rainfall. The driveway was virtually unusable and the associated costs with ongoing maintenance had become a concern.


A product with virtually 100% water permeability was required to ensure the issue with water pooling would be eliminated. The product needed to be able to withstand heavy weight load rating as the driveway was often used by heavy machinery and trucks. It also had to be animal friendly to allow cattle to cross it safely. The client wanted a product that could handle the slopes and bends of the large driveway and something which would be able to stand the test of time – eliminating ongoing ‘over the top’ maintenance costs. The client had considered covering the road with asphalt and concrete, however decided against these options as the costs were far too high and they preferred a natural look over unsightly concrete. Concrete cracking and the associated maintenance costs were also a concern.


Scrape, fill, compact and level with gravel. Lay GEOHEX panels then fill with a minus 8 crushed rock mix. Compact the fill into the GEOHEX, ensuring all air pockets are filled.


GEOHEX ticked all the boxes and stood out as the solution. There were other products on the market, however the price, weight capacity, and panel size of 1000mm x 500mm made GEOHEX much more attractive than others.


A few months on, the driveway is holding up extremely well and the client has commented they are extremely happy with the result. Although they have had some heavy rain, the days of rutting and soil subsidence are long gone. They were also extremely surprised a recycled plastic product could have such an impact on such a large crucial application.


Yes, they are now considering the use of GEOHEX in other areas of their property where soil subsidence has also become a problem over time, including around cattle feeding troughs and between vines at their winery. They see GEOHEX as a perfect solution for a number of applications and highly recommend it to others.

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