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    Case Studies

  • Client: Private Homeowner
  • Location: Kureepla, QLD
  • Date: April 2020

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A private home owner from Queensland, sought a simple solution to stabilise his yard and preserve the integrity of the existing turf. A caravan was regularly transported over the turf between a shed located at the back of the property and the road, digging up the turf and damage the site.

After speaking with a local turf expert and researching the product and it’s applications online, this home owner sourced GEOHEX from his local Lindsay Rural store to create a driveway between his shed and the road.

This homeowner marked up his driveway before using a turf cutter to to cleanly remove turf from the area. The turf cutter was also used to excavate the ground further to accommodate the GEOHEX, infill and turf. It was critical for the aesthetics of the turf post installation, that the product and grass lined up evenly with the rest of the yard. After compacting the soil with a vibrating roller, the site was left to settle for a week.

The GEOHEX driveway was laid in just over two hours, after carefully planning his installation for best results. “It is so important to get your first run very straight then the rest will lock into place easily. I used a 9” cut off wheel to cut the GEOHEX in on the sides and ends to allow for the curve in the driveway.”

After filling the GEOHEX with soil and crusher dust, the infill was compacted before topping it up again and allowing it to settle for a further 5 days. Before laying turf over the GEOHEX, the infill was compacted a final time and topped off with more infill for optimal results. The turf was laid successfull and with regular watering, has settled well with the GEOHEX driveway completely hidden from sight.