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    Case Studies

  • Client: Private Homeowner
  • Location: Portarlington, VIC
  • Date: February 2020

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A property easement at the rear of the client’s property prevented them from building an easily  accessible garage to house their collection of boats onsite. The client needed a stable and trafficable driveway to transport their boats to and from a secured shed without creating deep rutting in the grass.

The project called for a turf stabilisation system that was simple to install but with a high structural weight tolerance, capable of providing year-round site stabilisation for the client’s large boats to be driven across the driveway regularly. After consideration of several options for the site, the client chose GEOHEX™ as it was recommended by a colleague for its strength and suitability for installation under turf.

Prior to installing GEOHEX™, the installation team at PureTurf excavated the site to a depth of 150mm to expose the high quality, free draining soil beneath. After compacting the soil, a layer of geofabric was laid and pinned in place before a 100mm layer of 12mm bluestone drainage aggregate was installed.

The GEOHEX™ pavers were laid in a running bond pattern to enhance the strength of the installation and to distribute weight evenly across the pavers. PureTurf filled the GEOHEX™ voids with turf sand to promote under turf drainage; paying careful attention to water in the sand entirely and topping up the pavers with additional material to fill any cavities

Santa Ana turf was laid over the top of the GEOHEX™ before watering the site to promote root establishment between the turf and soil.

These images have been kindly provided by PureTurf.