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    Case Studies

  • Client: Large mining company
  • Location: Regional WA
  • Date: August 2016

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Operating a large mining site in regional Western Australia that had numerous haul trucks, dozers, and other industrial vehicles stationed on site, our customer required a hardstand solution on which these heavy duty vehicles could be stored to help better maintain them in operation-ready condition and avoid them sinking into the soil and becoming mired.

Due to the remote location of the site, concrete wasn’t an option as the cost of getting the concrete delivered to the site, and then the cost of removing it once the mine was vacated, proved to be extremely prohibitive. The customer sought an alternative, cost-effective material for
its new hardstand sites that could sustain the weight of the vehicles while being quick and easy to both install and remove.

The GEOHEX™ Erosion Control System is increasingly being employed as a hardstand alternative to concrete by mining companies and other rural operators such as farmers due to its cost effective nature and durability. The customer was excited about the system’s rated capacity to carry 1,200 tonnes per square metre once filled, as well as how cost-effective and easy to install it was.

In fact, the customer was so happy with the GEOHEX™ system that they also used it on site in their designated exclusion zones, pedestrian crossings and walkways.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to ISO9001:2014 standards and made from high impact resistant, 100% recycled and recyclable co-polymer polypropylene, the GEOHEX™ permeable paving system is the ideal solution for mining hardstand areas when concrete or asphalt is too cost prohibitive and unsustainable. GEOHEX™ offers a unique combination of low purchase cost, quick and easy installation, and impressive load bearing capacity.