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    Case Studies

  • Client: RSPCA
  • Location: Wacol, Queensland
  • Date: May 2019

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The RSPCA’s Queensland headquarters in Wacol had a horse holding area that suffered from poor drainage. Whenever it rained, the ground would become boggy and the majority of the sand base would wash away, exposing the drainage.

The yard had been in this stage for a number of years, but until recently was rarely used. In recent times there have been a larger than usual number of horses either seized or surrendered due to horse owners no longer being able to afford their upkeep thanks to the ongoing drought.

As a charity, the RSPCA needed a cost-effective solution for the yard that would work to mitigate their drainage problems but also comfortable under foot for horses and other livestock who were often in poor condition when they arrived at the facility.

The RSPCA’s head vet saw the GEOHEX™ Erosion Control System in another equine facility and recommended it be used to upgrade the Wacol facility. The RSPCA’s contractor worked with the team from GEOHEX™ to install the system in the horse yard as well as in four bays in front of the stables. A total of 680sqm of GEOHEX™ was installed, and then filled with crusher dust – a blue metal aggregate, to provide a smooth, stable surface.

The GEOHEX™ Erosion Control System is a permeable paving solution for stables, horse yards and arenas where drainage can often be a problem. GEOHEX™ is a self-draining system that reduces ongoing bedding costs, making it ideal for equine applications.

Following the success of the install at their Wacol facility, the RSPCA is now considering upgrading another of its yards once it secures funding.