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Why soil stabilisation technology is important for the mining industry

12 Dec 17

Australia’s mine sites are busy places with vehicles, heavy equipment and workers constantly moving from one place to another. This continuous traffic on paths, roads and access ways has an adverse effect on both soil integrity and ground stability of these important carriageways.

This constant load can result in the soil structure becoming degraded over time leading to issues such as an increase in dust creation, rutting and formation of potholes, soil erosion, waterlogged areas and uncaptured run-off.

Any one of these factors alone can lead to uneven, increasingly unusable surfaces on these important mine thoroughfares resulting in potential safety hazards and the need for costly rectification.

To counter this degradation to important mine infrastructure A Plus Plastics has launched a new soil stabilisation technology for the mining industry that is engineered to prevent soil subsidence, promote ground stabilisation, enable the maximum use of land, assist surface water runoff and increase road and walkway safety.

Known as the GEOHEX™ erosion control system, this lightweight, long lasting and innovative soil stabilisation system comprises a unique hexagonal reinforced polymer matrix that provides sub-surface soil support and retention.

Able to be laid in any weather with minimum ground preparation and with virtually no training the GEOHEX™ erosion control system can withstand a maximum load bearing capacity of 1200 tonnes per m² when filled with soil.

This makes it ideal to be used in a range of mining applications including stabilisation of roads on mining sites, drainage stabilisation in hardstands, haul roads and truck parking areas.

The GEOHEX™ erosion control system can also be used in the stabilisation of mine site embankments, drains, equipment parking areas and airstrips.

With just two lightweight pieces required to make one square metre, the GEOHEX™ erosion control system provides very strong ground reinforcement and is easy and quick to install.

According to Matthew Holloway, A Plus Plastics Managing Director, the GEOHEX™ erosion control system is one of the most innovative Australian-made soil mine site stabilisation technologies currently on the market.

“We developed the GEOHEX™ erosion control system specifically to be used for a variety of Australian conditions, so as a mine site soil stabilisation technology, we believe we have come up with a market-leading design.”

One additional benefit of using the GEOHEX™ system is the promotion of turf and vegetation growth, which also has a net positive effect on the stability of soils.

“If you need soil, turf or substrate stabilisation at your mine site, then you need the GEOHEX™ erosion control system,” said Mr. Holloway.