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CASE STUDY: Luxury builder calls on GEOHEX for sustainable home design

01 Apr 19

THE CLIENT: Ryan Cole Homes
LOCATION: Mount Claremont, Western Australia


Ryan Cole Homes, an award-winning luxury residential builder with a strong focus on environmentally sustainable home designs, sought an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing paving solution for a new display home in Mount Claremont, Perth. Ryan Cole Homes exclusively works with suppliers whose products make a legitimate, sustainable contribution to the environment – which is a key differentiator for the company. The company also prioritises Australian made products.


Identifying Geohex as a great fit with the environmentally sustainable and low carbon footprint, energy efficient design philosophy of Ryan Cole Homes, the company reached out to A Plus Plastics to supply the Geohex permeable paving system for a new display home they was building.

As well as an environmentally friendly, Australian made solution, the client also required a paving solution that could double as a high-end architectural feature in place of the standard products typically used in off the plan homes. The client required a surface stabilisation solution that offered superb drainage due to the fact that the house covered most of a relatively small block of premium land. Surrounding it with traditional pavers – or any other non-porous product – would have led to issues with water drainage.

Finally, the product had to present as a bespoke solution in order for it to resonate with the other high-class, low maintenance finishes on show throughout the display home.


A Plus Plastic’s Geohex erosion control system delivered on all requirements for Ryan Cole Homes’ new display home. Approximately 40 square metres of Geohex was laid down both sides and the rear of the display home, with White Quartz used as the infill material.

Being permeable, Geohex eliminated potential drainage issues. The fact that Geohex is manufactured in Australia using recycled, and fully recyclable, plastic made it a much greener solution than brick pavers or concrete, both of which carry a significant carbon footprint.

The unique hexagonal design of the black Geohex, combined with the White Quartz infill, created a unique architectural aspect that perfectly matched with the aesthetics of Ryan Cole Homes’ new display home.

While grass was considered, the requirement for ongoing watering in Western Australia’s arid climate, combined with frequent fertilizing, rendered grass a far less environmentally friendly long-term choice. By choosing the Geohex permeable paving system, Ryan Cole Homes was also eliminated the need for frequent and costly mowing, edging and maintenance of sprinklers on the property.


Designed and manufactured in Australia to ISO9001:2014 standards and made from high impact resistant 100% recycled and recyclable co-polymer polypropylene, the Geohex permeable paving system is the ideal solution for residential courtyards where a porous solution is required. Geohex offers an aesthetically pleasing, decorative natural finish, offers superb drainage, and by design offers structure and stability when completely filled in with the client’s chosen fill material (no more than 15mm Aggregate).


By choosing A Plus Plastic’s Geohex erosion control system, Ryan Cole Homes received an environmentally friendly, uniquely Australian paving solution that matched perfectly with the design ethos of the company and its new display home.