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CASE STUDY: GEOHEX serves RSPCA horse paddock in Qld

21 May 19

LOCATION: Wacol, Queensland


The RSPCA’s Queensland headquarters in Wacol had a horse paddock that suffered from poor drainage. Whenever it rained, the ground would become boggy and the majority of the sand base would wash away, exposing the drainage.

The paddock had been in this state of disrepair for a number of years, but until recently it was rarely used. In recent times there have been a larger than usual number of horses seized by, or surrendered to, the RSPCA. This is due to horse owners not being able to afford to buy hay at ever-escalating prices as a result of the extensive drought in Queensland.


As a charity, the RSPCA needed a cost-effective solution to the drainage problem. It was important that the surface stabilisation solution they chose would work for horses and other livestock, particularly because the animals are often in poor condition when they arrive at the RSPCA facility.


RSPCA’s Head Vet saw the GEOHEX Erosion Control System in another equine facility and recommended it be used to upgrade the RSPCA Wacol facility.

GEOHEX and the RSPCA’s contractor worked together to install the system in the horse yard as well as in four bays in front of the stables. A total of 680 square metres of GEOHEX was installed. The GEOHEX system was installed and then filled with crusher dust – a blue metal aggregate which provides a smooth, stable surface.


GEOHEX’s permeable paving system is the ideal solution for stables and arenas where drainage often becomes a problem. GEOHEX is a self-draining paving system that reduces ongoing bedding costs, makes it ideal for a wide range of equine applications and facilities.

Made from high impact resistant, 100 per cent recycled – and 100 per cent recyclable – co-polymer polypropylene as plastic matting and paving, the GEOHEX Erosion Control System is Australian-made, environmentally friendly, and designed to reduce maintenance and logistics costs; while at the same time increasing safety and water conservation.


A very happy client with a facility that keeps animals safe and content as they return to full health. As a result of the positive relationship it has established with GEOHEX, RSPCA Queensland is now considering upgrading another of its paddocks with GEOHEX once it secures funding.