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CASE STUDY: Leading horse breeder chooses GEOHEX for new stables

02 Oct 19

THE CLIENT: A leading Australian horse breeder
LOCATION: Northern Victoria


A leading horse breeder was rebuilding four stables on a stud farm in rural northern Victoria and wanted to modernise the stables using an innovative, functional solution that offered a professional finish. Each stable required a surface stabilisation solution that would provide adequate drainage and comfort for the animals while requiring minimal maintenance and offering a long life.


Having seen GEOHEX on social media and being used in other applications, the client was keen to see the product in person. The client visited the GEOHEX stand at the biennial Equitana industry event in Melbourne and expressed interest in the GEOHEX Erosion Control System.



The four stables, which had previously featured simple dirt floors, required a solid base that offered permeability to ensure that urine and water could pass through and drain away from the horses’ living quarters. Concrete was not a viable option as the flooring needed to also be easy on the horse’s feet and comfortable for the animals to sit on and sleep on.


The client chose to install the GEOHEX Erosion Control System themselves – a common option for many GEOHEX clients, given that installing the product is a very simple process. The stable staff installed the GEOHEX using a rubber mallet to secure the GEOHEX panels into position in the base layer. A spirit level was then used to ensure the surface was level.

The client chose to use sand as the base layer underneath the GEOHEX system, with the infill material being a mixture of sand and sawdust. Once installed, the client spread a 100mm top layer of sawdust across the stable floors for added comfort and to deter the horses from eating the sand.



The client had initially considered bricks to stabilise the floors in the new stables. While a traditional solution in the equine industry, bricks, while permeable, cannot disperse liquid quick enough for the client’s requirements. Also, with bricks as stable floors, the odour of urine soaks into the brick material and lingers in the stable for a lengthy period. A brick base wasn’t the right solution for the client, who also didn’t want to stick with the dirt floors it had previously had in place.


The GEOHEX Erosion Control System offered the cleanest and most suitable long-term solution for the client due to its ease of installation, low maintenance, and sturdy but highly permeable nature.


A total of 150m2 of the GEOHEX Erosion Control System was installed across the four stables. As a result of delivering the comprehensive solution that was required, the client has since invested in more GEOHEX for the stud farm.


100% recyclable and made from high impact resistant, recycled copolymer polypropylene, the GEOHEX Erosion Control System is Australian made, environmentally friendly, and designed to reduce maintenance and logistics costs while increasing safety and water conservation. Its unique hexagonal plastic paving grid-like structure is design is lightweight, making GEOHEX panels easy to install in a variety of applications.