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Case Study: Geohex – assisting in the creation of an Olympic level equestrian area.

09 Jan 19

After competing at the highest level of equestrian events, our customer wanted to build a private 1,200sqm equestrian arena in order to simulate actual conditions experienced at that competitive level.

By building a private equestrian arena, our customer was looking for the convenience of training when they wanted to, regardless of the weather conditions. They wanted to ensure that heavy rains would not render the arena useless for days while the water drained, and that the arena simulated as closely as possible those arenas where national and international competitions were held.

The Geohex Erosion Control System proved to be an ideal product to support the customer’s drainage requirements. Geohex was used as a sub-base for the equestrian arena with a fine sand, imported from the Gippsland area, acting as the aggregate. The sand used had no clay content which benefits by holding the structure more than a traditional wet sand. A geofabric membrane was also laid beneath the Geohex to further mitigate soil subsidence.

This entire installation was completed in just three days with the Geohex paving system laid by hand, and the track surface laid using Polytrack, a mixture of silica sand, recycled synthetic fibers (carpet & spandex) and recycled PVC.

Geohex’s permeable paving system is the ideal solution for stables and arenas where drainage often becomes a problem. A self-draining paving system that reduces your ongoing bedding costs, makes it ideal for a wide range of equestrian applications and facilities.
Made from high impact resistant, 100% recycled, co-polymer polypropylene as plastic matting and paving, the Geohex Erosion Control System is Australian-made, environmentally friendly, and designed to reduce maintenance and logistics costs; while at the same time increasing safety and water conservation.
As a result of the sub-base of the Olympic level equestrian arena being laid with Geohex, the client is able to use the arena regardless of weather conditions and train for national and international events.

To find out more about how Geohex can assist you with soil stabilisation and water management contact us today.