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Case Study: Geohex – a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for residential driveway stabilisation.

17 Jan 19


Our customer, a homeowner in northwest Sydney, was seeking a cost-effective, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing driveway surface to replace its existing, unsealed driveway.


The homeowner’s existing, unsealed driveway area covered a large portion of the property, including running the length of the block down one side to a large, open area and garage. Given this, the client sought a non-concrete, non-asphalt base for the driveway that would contribute a decorative natural look to the property. However, the requirement for aesthetic appeal needed to be balanced against practical necessities such as stability and erosion control. Price was also a key factor due to the extensive area that was required to be addressed.


Geohex, independently certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), was used for this job because it provided a decorative, low-cost solution that offered the perfect fit for the client and ticked all the required boxes. Crusher dust was used as the base with decorative Cowra Gold chosen as the fill.


Designed and manufactured in Australia to ISO9001:2014 standards and made from high impact resistant 100% recycled and recyclable co-polymer polypropylene, the Geohex permeable paving system is the ideal solution for stable driveways when concrete or asphalt isn’t desired. Geohex offers an aesthetically pleasing, decorative natural finish, is porous to accommodate drainage requirements, and by design offers structure and stability when completely filled in with the client’s chosen fill material (no more than 15mm Aggregate).

Another key benefit of Geohex’s permeable paving system is that it is so simple and quick to install (in any weather) that customers themselves often conduct the installation as their own DIY project (saving on labour costs as a result).


As a result of choosing Geohex, the only Australian-based and Australian-manufactured product of its kind on the market, the client received an aesthetically pleasing driveway that is stable, drains well and offers erosion control. And on top of that, the Geohex driveway was a cost-effective, easy to install solution that was immediately ready for use.

To find out more about how Geohex can assist you with soil stabilisation and water management on your driveway contact us today.