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Erosion Control for Busy Public Areas

The Geohex Erosion Control System is a uniquely Australian, environmentally friendly solution for managing erosion and water run off in busy public areas, proving ideal for many applications across civil, government and local councils.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to ISO9001:2014 standards by Sydney-based A Plus Plastics, Geohex is made from high impact resistant, 100% recycled and recyclable co-polymer polypropylene and is Australia’s leading erosion control product.

Thanks to its light, modular plastic paver design, the Geohex Erosion Control solution is ideal for use in water management and surface stabilisation of public areas and facilities. Used as erosion control matting, Geohex is a cost effective, easier and sustainable alternative.

As the only Australian-based and manufactured product of its kind on the market, Geohex is a great choice that enables local governments and councils to better manage accessibility in busy public areas that require permeable, stabilised accessways.

How Governments are Using Geohex for Erosion Control

The Geohex Erosion Control System can be used by any government department that is tasked with managing busy public access areas that endure heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic. This includes but is not limited to:

Governments around Australia are increasingly moving away from concrete and asphalt for the above applications due to these materials being non-porous, expensive to purchase and install, impossible to remove, and the fact that they encroach on the preferred natural aesthetic appeal of these public access spaces. An example of this is in South Australia, where a number of local councils have been leading the shift away from concrete for use on sidewalks and driveways.

The Geohex Erosion Control System delivers the right solution at the right price for governments across Australia and can be found in public access areas across the country. If you frequent such areas, there’s a fair chance you’ve actually walked on the Geohex erosion control matting system.

Beyond traditional public parks, councils are increasingly turning to Geohex to manage and control erosion on popular Australian beaches. Mackay Regional Council in Queensland installed the Geohex Erosion Control System at its main beach to ensure it could handle the 3,000 visitors that flock there for a popular annual tourist event. Geohex ensured that council received a cost-effective, non-intrusive solution that provided a solid base for safe, easy access to the beach area.

In October 2018 a Geohex trial was completed on Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island. The trial saw the Geohex Erosion Control System cost-effectively and efficiently installed on all inland roadways on the popular tourist island, off the coast of southeast Queensland. The trial greatly reduced the likelihood of vehicles getting bogged on Fraser Island and demonstrated the effectiveness of the Geohex Erosion Control System as an erosion and sediment control solution.

Why Geohex for Erosion Control Management in Public Access Areas?

The Geohex Erosion Control System is the ideal solution that enables government bodies of all sizes to most effectively stabilise and manage busy outdoor public areas that are susceptible to the elements.

Geohex offers a unique combination of extremely low purchase cost (as little as $30 a square metre), quick and easy installation (so easy that council landscape staff can install it themselves if desired), and impressive load bearing capacity (1200 tonnes per square metre, once filled).

Contact us now to find out how Geohex can assist with your erosion control needs. Read more about what makes the Geohex erosion control system unique, or find out how Geohex is being used in the field via our case studies.

*results are based on a filled product, Tested at the Centre for Geotechnical and Materials Modelling, The University of Newcastle.