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What is Plasmar?

A unique Australian-made long life product that is used as an environmentally friendly alternative to timber.

100% recycled from engineering grade plastics, including many that was destined for landfill.

Plasmar material offers several advantages in the areas of strength, durability and material consistency.

Why use Plasmar?

  • No leaching or rotting
  • CSIRO tested for durability. Proven to last 50+ years.
  • Immune from fungal and termite attack
  • No chemical treatment required
  • The Plasmar products are made of exceptionally strong commingled plastic resulting in the long application life
  • The commingled plastic durability and UV resilience are scientifically proven
  • Fire resilient
  • Consistent quality
  • No splintering or knots
  • No painting required
  • Reduces plastic to landfill
  • Environmentally sustainable alternative to hardwood timber
  • Suitable for general fencing, agriculture, equine, viticulture & aquaculture industries

Our product range

Plasmar Sleepers

Sleepers made of recycled plastic that are durable, versatile, and resilient.

Plasmar Square Posts

Recycled square posts from Plasmar can be driven, nailed, stapled and glued in the same way as timber.

Plasmar Sleepers
Plasmar Square Posts

Plasmar Fence Posts

Long-life fence posts are suitable for general fencing, agriculture, equine and aquaculture industries.

Plasmar Bollards

Recycled plastic bollards that offer firm, durable barriers to define boundaries or prevent vehicle or pedestrian access.

Plasmar Fence Posts
Plasmar Bollards

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