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    Case Studies

  • Client: Private Dairy Farm Owner
  • Location: Mount Gambier, SA
  • Date: June 2021

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A property owner had a large dairy lane that required annual maintenance of a 3,000sqm area. The expense and time required to maintain an even, safe surface for the 350 head of cattle travelling over the dairy lane at a time, became too high. An alternative sustainable, long-lasting solution had to be implemented.

The project called for a solution that created surface uniformity for cattle to travel safely across but that also prevented soil erosion, bogging and rutting of the area. As the dairy lane had curves, contours and slopes, the solution also had to have a suitable amount of flexibility that would stand up to years of regular use.

Having used a large amount of limestone on the dairy lane historically, the repurposing of some of the existing aggregate was important.

The property owner chose to use a professional installation team, JBM Solutions, to survey and assess the site prior to installation Geohex.
JBM’s Civil Manager took account of the slopes and contours of the site in order to plan the large installation and address the owner’s historical issues of rutting and the need for regular site maintenance.

With drainage and water run-off significant issues over such a large site, engaging a professional installation team allowed for a tailored, engineered approach to resolving these issues and preventing them from reoccurring. The JBM Solutions team focused on the careful preparation of the 3,000sqm site, which included grading and crowning the roadbase before compacting and laying the geofab and Geohex pavers at the site.

The limestone used in the dairy lane previously was also utilised as the roadbase underneath Geohex, saving the property owner further expense.

When should I use a professional installer for Geohex?

  • For large, complex installation sites with slopes or unusual contours
  • To address specific ongoing, environmental challenges like flooding, poor water drainage or overland flows
  • When you’d prefer to trust an experienced team

The property owner now has a safe and stable dairy lane that allows for 350 head of cattle to cross between the milking station and the property’s paddocks. The maintenance and upkeep of this huge 3,000 sqm site now had a long-term, low maintenance solution in Geohex that is no longer subject to localised flooding or rutting.