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    Case Studies

  • Client: Ag Supply Business
  • Location: Southeast Queensland
  • Date: June 2017

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Our customer, an agricultural suppliers business in southeast Queensland, sought a cost-effective, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing sealed driveway at its sales warehouse. The existing driveway was unsealed and had started to succumb to the rigours of heavy, daily use. While not an expansive area, the customer relied on the unsealed driveway for customer parking and wanted to ensure that it remained clean, safe and useable during all weather conditions. The business needed a stable, reliable surface that was also porous to ensure the driveway and parking area continued to remain usable, even during heavy rain.

The GEOHEX™ Erosion Control System proved to be the ideal solution in this situation due to its permeable nature and maximum loading capacity of 1,200t/sqm (when filled). It was also more cost effective than concrete or pavers. The project, undertaken by our team of expert installers, had a 150mm road base installed first to ensure constant traffic support. After the GEOHEX™ pavers were installed over the road base, bugle head type 17 screws were then used to pin down and secure the pavers into the sub-structure to ensure the GEOHEX™ remained firmly in place.

To deliver the aesthetically pleasing look required by the customer, a decorative natural finish was used to as the aggregate to fill the hexagonal cells. Their chosen aggregate also provided the drainage to keep the area porous and stable.