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Rural - Feeding Troughs

Geohex Australian-made plastic turf

30 Jul 15


Dairy Farm with 300 cow feed pad


Cameron Farm Orbost Victoria


The client had concerns for their cattle in Winter and during floods. They wanted to give their cattle a solid platform to stand on (no bogging) while feeding and wanted to avoid tractor ruts when filling feed and drinking troughs.


To maximise the cattle feeding area to include ease of access in and out for cattle as well as eliminating further soil erosion as a result of heavy rainfall, and daily use from both machine and animal. They wanted to have the option to pick up and change the layout if required down the track. They had used concrete in the past and found this costly with a lot of down time whilst preparing and laying concrete only for it to have unsightly cracks later on – they also wanted a softer finish to concrete for aesthetic purposes and also for their cattle.


Scrape, fill, compact and level with gravel and lay Geohex panels then fill with compacted crusher dust.


Should do the same job as concrete only better. More price effective and easier to install. Large 1000mm x 500mm x 42mm pavers making install a breeze – a softer feel for cattle than standing on concrete and no to low maintenance.


The client has said that the feed pad has been used for about two months and is holding up well. They haven’t scraped the surface manure off yet, but once they do they will be in a better position to see if they need to apply more crusher dust. They are extremely happy with the outcome and will no doubt find other uses for Geohex on their property.


Yes, they already have had other farmers come and have a look and were impressed with the outcome. One of the farmers who inspected this site wanted to use Geohex as a substitute for concrete steel reinforcement to eliminate concrete cancer from occurring but it would also reduce the amount of concrete required to be used. They also said they would consider Geohex for some of their grassed area whereby they park motor vehicles and working machinery of a large weight capacity as they could maintain a soft feel of grass but have a solid base below it eliminating soil and grass erosion. Another said they have a long sloping, winding rural driveway where the soil is constantly being eroded by rainfall and tyre wear – they see Geohex as a perfect solution for this application.