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New soil stabilisation technology designed to promote irrigation rates

Geohex Australian-made plastic turf

12 Nov 14

According to R.S. Murray and C.D. Grant (School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, The University of Adelaide, July 2007) “…good soil structure is an essential element of healthy and sustainable agro-ecosystems. It promotes the development of extensive plant root systems and efficient use of water and nutrients and, in doing so, buffers plants against drought and other adversity...”

Furthermore noted the study, “…In the long term, however, there seems little doubt that plant roots present the best opportunity to the continuous creation and maintenance of soil structure at depth so that they should form an integral part of any strategy to reclaim and improve structurally damaged soil.

As noted in the excerpts from the University of Adelaide study, irrigation rates and water retention can be promoted with an increase in the integrity of soil structure and an increase in the growth of plant and grass-like vegetation. In other words, irrigation rates can be both promoted and optimised by the use of a variety of soil stabilisation and soil erosion mitigation technologies.

To help increase soil integrity and plant growth, APlus Plastics has launched a new surface and soil stabilisation technology that is engineered to prevent soil subsidence, promote soil integrity and turf stabilisation, reducing surface water runoff and increasing overall water absorption.

Known as the GEOHEX™ erosion control system, this lightweight, long lasting, innovative soil retention and anti-erosion system designed in a plastic matting or paver configuration can be laid in any weather with minimum ground preparation and with virtually no training whatsoever.

The GEOHEX™ erosion control system is Australian-made and designed to handle a variety of loads thanks to its maximum load bearing capacity of 720 tonnes per m².  

This allows the GEOHEX™ erosion control system to be used anywhere there is human, animal or vehicle traffic and where soil and erosion control is required.

The GEOHEX™ erosion control system can provide very strong ground reinforcement and thanks to its open cell structure, it is easy and quick to install.

According to Matthew Holloway, APlus Plastics Managing Director, the GEOHEX™ erosion control system is one of the most innovative Australian-made soil stabilisation technologies currently on the market.

“The GEOHEX™ erosion control system is light, strong, easy to install and has one of the highest tested maximum load bearing capacities of any comparable product – it is designed to save money and time and can be used in just about any application you can think of.”

“If you need to get the most out of your irrigation rates, you may also need soil, turf or substrate stabilisation, which can be provided by the GEOHEX™ erosion control system,” said Mr. Holloway.