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Geohex Australian-made plastic turf

27 Jul 15


Kiama Golf Course


2nd Green Oxley Ave, Kiama Downs NSW 2533


Our client wanted a level compacted surface for golf buggies to drive on, but one their tyres wouldn’t erode the surface of. They also wanted to grow turf to maintain a green natural Look.


Whilst the surface needed to maintain uniformity, be Level and safe to use, the product used needed to be flexible enough to maintain the natural contours of the area around the 2nd green. There was also a necessity to grow turf through the product - rather than go with the traditional Laying of GEOHEX with turf installed on top, the client chose to grow the turf from below GEOHEX to ensure a greener finish on top. This was a first for the product with results having not yet been proven by installation using this method. The turf in this particular area had been previously destroyed over time by use and wintry weather. By adding a retaining wall, the area’s width was also increased by 2.5 metres.


Scrape, Scrape, fill and Level with the turf underlay before laying the turf. Lay GEOHEX panels in a herringbone design, anchor the panels into the ground - a necessity as the product would be Left unfilled as the turf will grow through GEOHEX allowing the turf to ‘crown’ above the product and fill out.


GEO HEX was recommended by some of our members and we decided to go with it as it was easy to Lay as well as being an all Australian made product. GEOHEX ticked all the boxes. We are taking a risk by allowing the turf to grow through the product – as opposed to traditional installation where the turf is laid on top – but we believe the product is user friendly enough to prove this decision was a viable one.


Although the project has only recently been completed, the client has received positive feedback from members about the installation and how much better it has made conditions on the 2nd green. The client is keen to monitor the area’s performance over the coming months to see how the turf grows and what sort of coverage they will get in that area. Our client is extremely happy with how easy it was to install the product and the end result.


In short, YES! Our client mentioned members had made positive comments about GEOHEX and the improvement it has made. They are planning to install GEOHEX in other areas where they think it will work equally as well.