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Case Studies

Rural - Feeding Troughs

30 Jul 15

The client had concerns for their cattle in Winter and during floods. They wanted to give their cattle a solid platform to stand on (no bogging) while feeding and wanted to avoid tractor ruts when filling feed and drinking troughs.
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Rural – Driveways

30 Jul 15

The client had extreme problems with rutting and soil subsidence under heavy rainfall. The driveway was virtually unusable and the associated costs with ongoing maintenance had become a concern.
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Recreational – Golf Courses

27 Jul 15

Our client wanted a level compacted surface for golf buggies to drive on, but one their tyres wouldn’t erode the surface of. They also wanted to grow turf to maintain a green natural Look.
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GEOHEX proves to be perfect solution for rural driveway

14 Jul 15

The problem of water pooling after heavy rainfall had been a huge issue for a 1km stretch of rural driveway in Jamberoo, NSW.
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Why soil stabilisation technology is important for the mining industry

02 Feb 15

Australia’s mine sites are busy places with vehicles, heavy equipment and workers constantly moving from one place to another. This continuous traffic on paths, roads and access ways has an adverse effect on both soil integrity and ground stability of these important carriageways.
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How does mechanical soil stabilisation technology help mining?

19 Jan 15

Soil stabilisation is the process of eliminating voids, cracks and uneven soil and embankment levels where erosion, settlement or extreme wear may occur. These conditions can be further accentuated by the various on-site operational activities which can lead to fluctuating soil conditions and configurations that can then have undesirable implications to both man and machine on the mine site
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New soil stabilisation technology designed to promote irrigation rates

12 Nov 14

According to R.S. Murray and C.D. Grant (School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, The University of Adelaide, July 2007) “…good soil structure is an essential element of healthy and sustainable agro-ecosystems. It promotes the development of extensive plant root systems and efficient use of water and nutrients and, in doing so, buffers plants against drought and other adversity...”
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